Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Regular Season's 'Wild' Finale

So here we are on the first Sunday of the new decade, on the cusp of another NFL Regular Season Finale.
In the AFC, all the division champs have been decided but over half a dozen teams are contending for the 2 remaining play-off berths. The term 'wild' card race assumes significance given that it is a zoo out there. Each of the 8 mediocre teams are hoping that their 7 opponents get beaten up and then some so that they can get their foot in - I am not sure, the league had mediocrity in mind when it talks about parity!!!
I find it amusing that defending Super Bowl champs, Pittsburgh Steelers have claimed that other teams would collude to keep them out of the play-offs 'cause no one wants to play them given how dangerous they are. Seriously??? This from a team that has lost to almost every one not in contention for the play-offs!!! Oh well...
And now for my wish-list for my New England Patriots over the next few weeks....
-beat the Chargers in San Diego in the AFC Divisional Game
-beat the Colts in Indy in the AFC Championship - not sure what will be sweeter, the Brady Bunch converting a 4th and long with the game on the line or Mr. Iceman Vinatieri kicking it wide right
-beat the Cowboys in the Superbowl

Until then, cheers!!!